HELIX – BOOT – 1984-07-24 DETROIT MI

Harpo’s Detroit MI
FM Broadcast
01 Young and Reckless
02 Let’s All Do It Tonight
03 Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’
04 You Keep Me Rockin’
05 Never Wanna Lose You
06 White Lace and Black Leather
07 Feel the Fire
08 When the Hammer Falls
09 Animal House
10 Rock You
11 Heavy Metal Love
12 Dirty Dog
13 Guitar Solo
14 Ain’t No High Like Rock n Roll
15 My Kind of Rock
16 No Rest for the Wicked
lineage: cdr received in trade->EAC file extraction->Traders Little Helper for FLAC conversion
I’m hoping someone has a nice clean upgrade of this show that they can share.
This one is ok, but has some issues with the last 5 songs.
They are either from a completely different source, or from a tape that had problems with side B.
I did my best to clean them up in EAC, but you will still notices a big drop in quality on those songs…..a shame because this was really Helix’s prime, they were on top of the world (so to speak) for a brief while.

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