Spirit In the Sky Clarendon Hotel London UK
01 – Oriental Beat
02 – Back to Mystery City
03 – Lost in the City
04 – Until I Get You
05 – Motorvatin’
06 – Unknown Jam
This is the bog standard tape version of the Razzle Records RRCD350 release of Spirit in the Sky.
However, because of Hanoi’s semi-commercial release of 
Rock and Roll Divorce, the bootleg of the Rockerina concert in Poland from May 1985 has been removed.I have also done my best to remove the bass hum and tape hiss.
Plus I have
done some remastering work on the tracks.
Yes they sound better than even
the CD release of these tracks.
I can never seem to pin down the dates of this
The Razzle Records bootleg states 20th January 1983 (somewhere between Holland
  and Bombay according to Hanoi’s official gig guide, other sources suggest December 1983.Tape>IriveriHP120>USB 2.o>Wav>Soundforge 7>flac (flac frontend 7 – SBE’s corrected)

It’s a short one, but more grist to the mill.  As before, any one with more.  The forum is free and waiting…..


Dale (whaleywoo)


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