OZZY OSBOURNE – 1980-10-22 CHELMSFORD UK (Source 2)

Odeon Theatre Chelmsford England UK
01. Introduction
02. I Don’t Know
03. You Looking At Me Looking At You
04. Crazy Train
05. Goodbye To Romance
06. No Bone Movies
07. Mr. Crowley
08. Reveleation (Mother Earth)
09. Suicide Solution
10. Guitar Solo
11. Drum Solo
12. Iron Man
13. Children Of The Grave
14. Steal Away The Night
15. Paranoid
16. No Bone Movies (Unmixed demo)
17. Steal Away The Night (Unmixes demo)
18. Suicide Solution (Early Blizzard Sessions!)
Very Good Audience Recording & STU -> Liberated Bootleg

(bonus stuff on the disc)
16. No bone movies (demos from blizzard)
17. Steal away the night (demos from blizzard)
18. Suicide solution a rehearsal session with different music and lyrics

Early show with the real blizzard of ozz line-up.
Most copies I see of this is missing Paranoid and or Steal Away.
The real treat here is the Suicide Solution with different parts and lyrics.
The Suicide sessions is the most recent Randy find I know of. (Taken from original nfo file).
MP3 320Kbps

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