Wings Stadium Kalamazoo MI
FM Broadcast
Disc 1
01. Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
02. This Planet’s On Fire (Burn In Hell)
03. Dick In The Dirt
04. I Don’t Need Love
05. Three Lock Box
06. Baby’s On Fire
07. Two Sides Of Love
08. I Can’t Drive 55
09. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
10. I’ll Fall In Love Again
11. Banter

Disc 2

01. Red > Rock N Roll > Red
02. Remember The Heroes
03. Banter
04. The Girl Gets Around
05. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
06. Heavy Metal
07. Star Spangled Banner Tease
08. Voa (voice Of America)
09. There’s Only One Way To Rock
Encore With Ted Nugent
10. Banter With Ted
11. Wild Thing
12. Summertime Blues
13. Whole Lotta Love
FM > ? > cdrx > eac > wav > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > shntool > flac 7Cool Edit Pro used to:
retrack show so that music starts at beginning of tracks and banter is at end of tracks.
d2t08 0.31 sec silent gap at end before retrack. Silent gap removed and begining of d2t09 shifted to end of d2t08.
Slight imperfection at 4:33 of d2t08 where gap was.
between d2t09 and d2t10: d2t09 had fade out & d2t10 had fade in.
This is between main set and encore. Fixed so no fade exists.

2 thoughts on “SAMMY HAGAR – 1984-10-21 KALAMAZOO MI”

  1. I need some of the Hagar FM broadcasts you have. I have 79 St. Louis, 83 St. Louis, 84 Detroit and Nashville. also 77 and 78 video black and white, one in San Antoine and the other California I think that correct.
    don’t have any other FM broadcast.
    let me know cost and next step.

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