Checker Dome St. Louis MO
1983 MTV special
Cable TV with FM Stereo Audio > Sony SLHF-900 Super-Beta Hi Fi > TBC1000 Time Base Corrector >AVI 720X480 48K 16B PCM > DVDAudio:PCM 16/48, Stereo
Video:MPEG2, NTSC, 720 x 480, 4:3, 10080 kbs Variable (6636 Average)

Disc 1

01. Love Or Money
02. Three Lock Box
03. Baby’s On Fire
04. I Don’t Need Love
05. Never Give Up
06. I’ve Done Everything For You
07. Heavy Metal
08. The Rise Of The Animal
09. I’ll Fall In Love Again
10. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy

Disc 2

11. Bad Motor Scooter
12. Red
13. There’s Only One Way To Rock
14. Baba O’Riley
15. Remember The Heroes


The band played 2 extra songs that weren’t included during the video broadcast but played LIVE on the radio when the show was originally broadcast.
“Fast Times At Ridgemont High”
“This Planet’s On Fire”

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