IRON MAIDEN – 1979-09-10 LONDON UK (Source 2)

Music Machine Camden Town London England UK
01 – Wrathchild
02 – Sanctuary
03 – Prowler
04 – Remember Tomorrow
05 – Another Life
06 – Running Free
07 – Transylvania
08 – Invasion
09 – Charlotte The Harlot
10 – Phantom Of The Opera
11 – Iron Maiden
12 – Drifter
The sound quality is not too bad, considering that this was a very early gig of the bands.
Some clicks can be heard, indicating that this is an analog recording.
This bootleg is a very important piece in a proper Maiden collection, as it is the oldest live recordings of the band available.
Steve Harris claims that he has earlier recordings taken during pub gigs as far back as 1976, but it is very unlikely that he will make them available to a broader audience!
MP3 080Kbps

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